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Multan Fabrics believes in an industrial system that delivers high value to its growing base of customers around the globe by efficient use of resources which requires sustainable manufacturing and activities base on the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are moving transformation process where Multan Fabrics is part of, and actively contributing to, a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable planet.

Environmental Sustainability

Environment Friendly Production enables us to establish good reputations, attract positive attention, save money through operational efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, attract top talent and inspire innovation.

Our production process involves integrating environmental thinking into production to analyze how much resources are used to manufacturing, usage of energy and requirements for transportation. It enables us to put a systematic effort reduce the risks to human health and the environment to over all segments of a product’s life cycle.

It helps us to check the effectiveness of waste collection systems, safe disposal of hazardous wastes and assessment of environmental impact.

We concern about the protection of our planet Earth. Our business operations and activities are environment friendly and we are ISO 14001:2015 certified.

Recycling is an important component of environmental sustainability and we have recycled cotton and recycled polyester as raw material of knitting. Moreover, we use organic cotton yarn for knitting of fabric having compliance certificate of Control Union for our activities of Embroidery, embellishment (PR0009), Knitting (PR0015), Manufacturing (PR0016).

Furthermore, we are going to towards renewable energy resources by installing solar energy generation plant.

Economic Sustainability

Multan Fabrics concerns about economic development and contributes to strengthens the value of rupee by increasing exports. We also offer a number of jobs for the people keeping in view the financial health of the company.

Social Sustainability

Multan Fabrics concerns about people. It includes the people working in our organization and others living in society. Multan Fabrics giving the right working environment and efforts to improve the quality of life  of its employees. We are much concern about the well-being of our employees, for this healthy and engaging activities are arranged for employees.

At Multan Fabrics, every worker is a part of our team whose collective efforts enable us to achieve our quality standards. We consider it our duty to provide them with healthy and safe working environment. Employees are given health facilities like health and life insurance along with free medical camps for blood & health checkups and vaccinations arranged by well-known foundations and labs of Pakistan.

Our facility is equipped with all necessary safety equipment customized to match our environment enabling us to implement our workplace safety policy. All workers use proper PPEs and trainings are provided for properly use of fire extinguishers, fire alarm and first aid box in case of emergency. As, We are complying with

  • SA 8000:2014
  • WRAP