Multan Fabrics Pvt Limited


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in continually finding new ways forward that challenge old assumptions and the public’s perception of manufactured apparel. It’s all about thinking about how we can make the monumental leap towards turning our facility into natural facility that use renewable inputs and energy while outputting quality apparel.


In line with our CSR Policy:

  • We insist on working with partners who follow ethical business practices.
  • We reinvest our profits in health and safety and environmental programs.
  • We support charitable organizations working in the communities where we operate and help the effected of contingencies occurred in Pakistan

Environment Friendly Production

Our production process involves integrating environmental thinking into production to analyze how much resources are used to manufacturing, usage of energy and requirements for transportation. It enables us to put a systematic effort reduce the risks to human health and the environment to over all segments of a product’s life cycle.


It helps us to check the effectiveness of waste collection systems, safe disposal of hazardous wastes and assessment of environmental impact.


Workplace Safety

At multan fabric every worker is a part of our team whose collective efforts enable us to achieve our quality standards. We consider it our duty to provide them with healthy and safe working environment. Our facility is equipped with all necessary safety equipment customized to match our environment enabling us to implement our workplace safety policy.


All workers use proper PPEs and safety equipment including H2S safety, spill control trolleys, emergency eye wash showers and WWTP safety equipment.

Social Welfare


We believe education is a basic right of every human being. Education equips individuals with knowledge and skills critical to sustainable development and economic growth which enables them to become a healthy member of the society. Multan Fabrics supports schools in the city as well as many remote areas so that maximum number of children can make their way into schools.

Education develops human capital required to create a skilled workforce, improve productivity and drive business growth. A healthy workforce contributes to a stable operating environment which in turn improves the ease of doing business by creating awareness and understanding among the individuals.

Green Parks

Multan Fabrics also owns and maintains green parks throughout the city for which promotes public health and well-being. People spend time in these parks where they can take part in healthy activities and exercises which helps to boost the immunity and stay safe from chronic diseases.

This provides space to where they can relax which helps in improving general mood and attitude, stress reduction, mental health and functioning, improves mindfulness and creativity and improves interaction between people which helps building social capital.

Health Services

We believe that improving the health of the community where operate can contribute to achieving corporate business goals. It has a remarkable impact on attracting and retaining talent, employee engagement, human performance, personal safety, manufacturing and service reliability, sustainability, and brand reputation.

We are supporting hospitals in our city to expand their infrastructure and acquire modern equipment enabling them to accommodate more people and provide better and more affordable health services.